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Austin A35 from BMC

The A30 had proved itself to be a popular little car with the buying public in the early 1950s, and BMC saw no need to radically alter this formula for their revised 'baby Austin', the A35. In fact both cars could easily be confused with each other at first flance, unless you knew what to look for.

The new car arrived in BMC dealerships in 1956. Under the bonnet much was as before, although the A Series engine had been enlarged from the earlier car's 803cc to 948cc, with power now up to 34bhp. The white metal bearings had also been replaced with more durable shell bearings, and were now protected by a full-flow oil filter, rather than the previous bypass filter arrangement. The long lever of the earlier car was replaced by a more precise remote shift in the new A35, and the back axle ratio raised to better suit the increased power developed by the enlarged engine.

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External differences were evolutionary rather than revolutionary. The front grille was painted, with a chrome surround, instead of a fully chromed affair. Flashing indicators were now standard fitment, and rear vision improved thanks to a much larger wraparound rear screen. The roof gutters now ran down past the windscreen on each side, rather than running straight across above it.

The interior benefited from newly-designed seats, and the speedometer was re-calibrated from 70 to 80mph. Austin A35 saloons were available in both 2 and 4 door versions, as with the outgoing car. Car production lasted until 1959, by which time the similarly-powered A40 was on sale and taking over as BMC's small-car offering, along with the Mini.

Perhaps rarest of all A35s are the light commercial variants. The super-rare Austin pickup, made between 1956 and 1957, was made in very small numbers only and, perhaps due to a lack of capacity, didn't catch on with small-business owners. A van was also available and sold well, continuing in production throughout the 1960s, ending finally in 1968. The van stuck with the 948cc motor until 1962, after which it was available with the 1098cc engine. In 1964 a lower-powered version with an 848cc engine was also offered alongside the 1098. In 1962 the Countryman, essentially a van with windows and rear seats, was discontinued, probably due to the recent launch of the A40 Countryman.

In all, some 353,000+ A35s were built between 1956 and 1968, this figure including saloons, vans, pickups and Countrymans. The 4dr saloon was known as the AS5, the 2dr saloon as the A2S5, the pre-1962 5cwt van was known as the AV5, and the pick-up as the AK5. Mk2 vans (1962) were designated as the AV6, the post-'62 Mk3 1098 6cwt vans were coded AV8, and the Mk3 848cc versions as AV8 also. The '56-'62 A35 Countryman was known as the AP5, and the final cars (March 1962 - September 1962) as AP6.

Fortunately the availability of spares, both new and used, is still very good, whether from a club or specialist parts supplier, so there should be A35s on the road for a good number of years yet.

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Rear view of a 2 door Austin A35
Austin A35 two door saloon.

Austin A35 Pickup.

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